13 March 2011

The Unfinished Adventures...

I know there are a lot of Work-in-Progress Girls out there, and Guys too, probably, but lately I've been feeling a bit like my identity as a crafter is entirely caught up in the things undone rather than the things that I've finished. (It's possible I read too many blogs written by people who never seem to start anything, but always miraculously are finishing something.) I have finished a few things, a handful of baby quilts and a lot a lot of small projects, but I haven't ever finished a quilt that was big enough for an adult. I haven't finished any of the quilts I've set out to make for myself. I haven't hardly put a dent in the pile of fabric known as my stash.

In my dream world, I wouldn't have a stash. Or anyway, not much of one. I'd like to be able to buy what I want, when I want it, and actually use it, but instead I have a small mountain or three of gorgeous fabrics that I won't probably like any more by the time I finally get around to using them.

I'm not a very good blog writer. I get bored too quickly or forget to update or can't decide what to say, and eventually just sort of peter out, but my goal is to write once a week about an In-Progress Project (or an I-Wish-It-Were-in-Progress Project that I've got fabric and plans for). And then hopefully once also a week about the progress I've made on... something. (Hopefully those "somethings" will more often than not be my WiPs rather than anything new, but a girl's gotta have some variety, so...)

I hope, eventually, to get my hand-drawn header of WiP Girl put up, but, well... it's in progress. And I'm not a very good drawer. One of these days, anyway...

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