19 May 2011

Fabric Friday: Amy Butler or Kona cotton?

It's the Kona Grape and Aqua that'll be part of a quilt that I'm working on, which is part of the Mod Times Quilt-Along. A lot of people who participated are already done their quilt tops, but I've still got a stack of these to iron, then I need to sew the cross-piece in between (most of) them and then I can start piecing the top. This quilt is one made by the woman who is running the quilt-along, and is basically what mine will look like, though I'm making mine significantly bigger (almost 4 times the size).

And this is what my print bits will look like:
Mendocino Mod Time Quilt Along

The aqua in the cross-pieces will lighten up the darkness of the purple (a lot) and I'm really excited to see what it'll look like finished.

But I'm SO very not excited to go on ironing. I am usually a very haphazard ironer, which I know stretches the fabric and makes for wonky shapes where wonky shapes should not be, but I'm trying very hard to be careful with these. I'm even blocking them as I press to make sure they're the right size. Which I'm doing basically because this entire quilt is pieced with inset seams, and I find that slightly scary enough without my pieces not fitting where they belong because I've stretched them out of shape.

I'm hoping to get started on piecing the top this weekend (since I'm off Saturday/Sunday AND my sister and bro-in-law are leaving for Russia on Saturday, so I won't even have to worry about being noisy while they're sleeping or any of the other reasons I sometimes put off sewing till later. I've gotten quite a few more pressed since I took the photo, about 70 are done with 30 or 40 left to go. (I forget how many I started with, a lot though.)

(The Amy Butler is home decor weight Coreopsis in Spruce from the August Fields line.)

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