29 April 2011

Fabric Friday: Black Binding

Binding by clumsy chord
Binding a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

This is a bit of a boring fabric Friday post, at least after the previous two weeks of Mendocino and Neptune fabrics. I guess I could have photographed the wad of fabric I stuffed in the wash machine today - 3 yards each of deep dark purple and light airy aqua - but this was what was closest to me.

It looks like such a lot of binding, seeing it rolled up like that, but it should be just about 12 inches or so longer than I need for the Super Secret Project that it belongs to. Well, the project isn't so very super secret, but it's something I've not posted online in years and years. Not quite my oldest WIP, but not too far off from it either. I can't actually remember how long ago I made it, but it's probably from the early 2000s.

Anyway, when I squared up the quilt top, I saved all the cuttings of backing fabric, and that's what I used to make the binding. I'm not sure what company produced the black fabric, but it's a very, very tight weave, and it feels very different from Kona cotton, which I've gotten used to using this last couple of years. The blue fabric is some of the leftovers of the fabric I used for a skinny border on the quilt. The bit of it that I have left says Exclusively for Fabricland/Quiltville, but has no other information about the name of the line or anything else.

I wanted to have this attached last week, so that I'd at least have the binding partially sewn to the back, but I haven't even started pinning it on yet. Maybe later today.

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