20 April 2011

WIP: Pink Bento Box Quilt

Pink Bento Box
Pink Bento Box a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

I say quite often that I don't really like pink very much, and then I go and do things like this.

Well, these blocks I didn't actually make, although I did request them from an exchange on Livejournal. There is a community there, Birthday Blocks, where the participants make a block for each other member for her birthday, so for my birthday last year I requested Bento Box blocks, done in pink and white.

The reason for the colours, despite my dislike of pink, is that I want to make a lap-quilt to donate to my work for the breast cancer fundraising we do every year. I didn't get enough blocks from the exchange (and a couple were too large and weren't actually bento box blocks) to make the quilt last year, so everything was put in a box in the closet and it has sat there since. I've received a few more blocks in the meantime, so I suppose I should do an updated photo with all the blocks, but... maybe another day. I think breast cancer fundraising happens in... October, so my goal is to get to this one in the summer so it'll be ready for this year.

To do:
- count the blocks and make additional ones to bring it up to size
- piece blocks into top
- sandwich, baste, quilt, and bind

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